The UTTER:JAZZ team are all talented educationalists, and offer a range of education workshops alongside performances.

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Workshops can be specifically designed for children, students or adults, either with or without performing experience.



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“A really interesting insight into jazz and extremely nice people to guide us through! Found it an extremely interesting and useful experience.”
Jonathan, 14

“Brilliant, really inspirational”
James, 13

“I particularly like learning about the combining of poetry and jazz together.  A very effective way to portray emotions and feelings of a poem through music.”
Georgie, 16

“The  concert was an enjoyable evening full of great music and intellectually stimulating experiences of music that I would not have normally listened to.”
Anna, 16

“The Workshop was great fun, and I really enjoyed myself. I thought the workshop was really productive and I learnt lots!”
Matt, 15

“It was fun – I liked when we got to join in.”
Shelle, 10

“I will tell my friends that being in a Jazz workshop has been the best day in my life.”
Mazi, 9

“I liked performing in the concert at the end as although scary, it was very rewarding at the same time as I have never done something like that before. I discovered that improvisation actually is very enjoyable. In future I will listen to music around me, adapt around others and show emotion in my playing.”
Minty, 15

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